Tips For Road Trips With Your Dog

I go over a lot of car journeys with my dog. Winter, fall, spring, or summer, we’re on the street. I travel a good deal within my business and couldn’t imagine leaving her behind, so I’ve picked up several tricks in the past. I don’t know about you but, sometimes if it’s time for it to access it the road, I’m not always inside the clearest frame of mind. Morning is really a horrible time to wake, but we have to do what we will need to do.

Tips For Road Trips With Your Dog | Dog Training Tips #doglovers

Trying to keep in mind anything before a coffee is hard personally and, considering I have to bring my very own things and also my dogs, it may have a little complicated and rushed. So, instead of constantly feel the checklist in my head, I actually designed a checklist and I’ll share it with you now. Before I go out, my dog needs:

Water (the key)

Leash and collar

Some snacks/Dog food

A few spare towels in case she runs within the mud (I like a clean car)

Plastic bags (be a responsible pet owner, get the poop)

Chew toy or ball (I take a couple of balls, they’re good for throwing in the fields)

In the winter months and fall I bring a vintage blanket in the event the car gets too cold

This list has seen me through some pretty rushed mornings, so I hope it may help make planning your road trips together with your dog a little easier. Remember though, water is the main thing for a dog. They need a lots of it, particularly when they get exercise. Be sure to pick a water bowl carefully because swerves and bumps are typical on the trail.

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