Creating a Special Bond With Your Puppy Through Training

Puppies are bundles of joy with endless numbers of energy to run, jump, and play. Your responsibility as a new dog owner, between the pure delight of one’s puppy being silly, would be to lead her to the correct path through training.

In addition for the routine wellness visits to the vet and measuring out your appropriate food during her growing months, you will need to setup routines including bathing, professional grooming, bathroom manners and socialization. Prior to introducing your dog to her home and your pals, you might put on extra some supplies from the local dog store. These include:

treats during training

water & food bowls

metal crate with dividers that she’ll grow into

collar or harness depending on the breed

4′ leash

ID tags

half endless weeks of frustration chew toys

brush determined by her coat

of course numerous of wee wee pads.

The better organized you’re the simpler it will be to acquire her acclimated in your “house rules.”

Training and socialization should start within 12 weeks. Contact a trainer for puppy group classes and commence simple training in the home. Have her wear her collar and allow her to follow you around your family area while tethered to the leash, call her name off leash and reward her with praise and a small treat. Begin house breaking by physically placing her about the wee wee pad to relieve herself. Training never stops for puppies since they grow into their personalities. Just be patient and her behavior will be corrected so long as you give loving praise and reinforcement.

AIntroduce your dog to many people a new challenge. From simply other dogs to letting her ride securely in your car or on public transportation, other sorts of socialization may include unusual noises (like fire truck sirens to kids yelling), places (like parks, your work), situations (baby carriage, people in wheelchairs, people carrying canes or umbrellas) and smells (like fresh cut grass, ocean breeze).

ASome important questions you must talk about together with your vet include discussing when to spay or neuter your puppy if there’s a should reevaluate your puppy’s diet determined by her appropriate exercise and climate you reside in.

AAll in all, secure puppies are content puppies which reduce the chances of destructive behavior. As she gets older, consider enrolling her in doggie nursery so as to keep her days interesting and positive.