Dog Bite Technique – The Full Mouth Bite

The first thing a lot of people notice about German Shepherds and other intimidating looking dogs include the canine teeth, some large teeth in the front.You don’t have to be bitten to know that contact between those teeth and then for any portion of your body would hurt.A lot. Take my word for this.Anyway, dogs begin using these teeth for a number of reasons including grabbing, puncturing and shredding their prey.They also naturally use them commercially defense.Your personal protection dog, if trained correctly, also uses them for YOUR defense.

So here’s the situation: the majority of protection and guard dog trainers don’t train their dogs to begin using these teeth.Instead, their dogs are trained to make use of the back molars, using the full mouth, so as to deliver “bone crushing” bites. Police dogs use their back molars when apprehending a suspect.Once your new puppy has had a bite, she or he hangs on (there are lots of police proper dog training videos on YouTube that relate this).This is called “bite-and-hold”.It’s not safe for that handler and it’s really not safe for your dog either. Instead, dogs should bite using canine teeth, multiple times after individuals weapon hand.Ideally, they must deliver 7 or 8 shredding, devastating bites in just seconds to be able to areas of the body until commanded to prevent.The scene is pretty frenzied. In theory, full mouth bites bring about fewer injuries to the suspect and, I guess, less lawsuits for the police.In practice, the seriousness of injuries is simply localized to at least one area of the body.The drawback is the life of your dog is endangered as is also lifespan in the K9 handler.

After biting and hanging on, the suspect is given an extended possiblity to stab or strangle your new puppy.It seems unlikely that anyone can muster the courage to do this but add the use of pain numbing controlled substances and now we use a recipe for disaster.Adrenaline along with the strong wish to evade arrest are also strong motivators. Once your dog continues to be killed, the officer is left to handle situation. Training a protection dog for individual use to utilize a full mouth bite when deployed can bring about disastrous results.There’s no question. So a lot of the when a trainer recommends a puppy that’s trained to bite having its back molars.

Mother Nature dictates that dogs defend with their canines; there’s really no need for improvement.