Dog Psychology – A Paradox

Once the dominant dog has gotten the lead role within the pack relationship they will challenge losing it. This is what I refer to since the paradox effect inside the context of Nature along with the pack roles. Getting your pet to view the owner differently and associated for the dominant position from the pack requires the power to appreciate this transition through the right perspective. The owner must fully accept the context with the role changing transition to help you with creating and maintaining the psychological shifting of power.

I often utilize the illustration of being the boss of a giant company. As a boss suppose the stress this position creates with managing employee issues and the added responsibility. Suddenly the property owner in the company decides to transfer you into the position of file clerk using the greater good of the company. Your immediate reaction may be to challenge and resist this sudden changing of roles. The paradox of the situation is always that after you have transitioned into this new role you start to improve the method that you think. Suddenly you recognize the stress and anxiety is finished. You don’t have to cope with every one of the added responsibility anymore, you are feeling happier. You realize the master actually did you a big favor though during the time you challenged the choice and went kicking and screaming each of the way.

Transitioning the dominant dog for the follower role follows an identical path from the pack relationship. They will not such as this changing of roles. The psychological shift is regarded as challenge to the dominant dog as well as an a higher level “not liking” results. The degree of challenge and amount of time it takes to transition your pet dog in to the follower role is dependent upon simply how much power your new puppy has gained within the relationship. The benefits however of creating and looking after a follower role on your dog are the same. The stress and anxiety caused from finding myself this dominant pack role are gone. Behaviors which were related to this elevated possessive and authoritative state for being are diminished.

Changing the way you think may be especially difficult when facing resistance and challenge to transition. Certain reactions to authority feed into our emotions you might say that may empower this already dominant role. This links to human psychology in a way which conflicts with Nature. By surrendering as to the Nature demands and admitting defeat without getting defeated just about anything may be possible.