Potty Training a Dachshund Puppy – “Are You Having Trouble?”

Dachshunds can be stubborn and strong willed however, they’re also intelligent and ready to please. This makes them very trainable especially with positive reinforcement and commitment from you. Stop worrying about it, learn all you are able where you can plan. For the sake of your enjoyment and fun with your Dachshund, you ought to take action NOW.

A few starter tips:

Watch for signs that your Dachshund puppy would like to go potty – he can stop doing whatever he was doing and may even start sniffing the ground. Mine even as a little puppy checked out the rear door. I did not notice this subtle sign initially – it absolutely was more of a glace but once I got it, life got a little easier. He still does that – no scratching in the door, no barking just a glance at the door.

Whenever he stops anything. Eating, sleeping, and playing take him outside to go potty – the moment he stops it is time to pee. Go together with your puppy – don’t simply open a corner door and expect him to know what to accomplish. He will enjoy yourself sniffing everything and may or may well not go potty. He must understand he should only go potty outside. Also be sure he isn’t digging underneath the fence – they love to burrow.

Have a location that you would like him to make use of – make certain the grass is not to much time for your pup. My fully-grown Dachshund only has 3-inch legs. You cannot expect a puppy to acquire free of diapers in grass which is over his head. Dachshunds do not usually go in long grass to pee or poop instead choosing loose soil, short grass, or even concrete.

Choose a thing you will use whenever you need him to go to the restroom. I use “go potty”. Say it once or twice when you loose time waiting for him to go. Dachshunds like to please. When he does go praise him in a happy voice using his name and telling him he could be a fantastic boy for going potty. Dachshund puppies should pee and poop often – don’t leave them for very long periods.