Small Bird Launcher System

Unless you hold the arm of the greatest baseball pitcher of all time, Walter Johnson – he pitched for that Washington Senators back in ’07 – 1907, that is certainly – throwing a small bird isn’t any small feat. You’re trying to train your hunting dog, not receive a torn ulnar collateral ligament with the elbow. That’s one in the most devastating items that can ruin a hurler’s day.

Go automatic. One such device which takes this out of the practice is a straightforward little ditty we like to call the DT Systems’ Natural Flush Small Bird Launcher System.

Pointers inside the Field

This handy unit is just what a doctor ordered when instructing your very best buddy to locate and fetch quail and other small fowl. Allow us to bullet-point why this machine is likely to make things simple:

It comes with locators that beep about the remote launchers. That makes lost units easier to locate.

Said remote launchers make use of the latest digital technology.

The DT Systems’ Natural Flush Small Bird Launcher System features a selection of about 700 yards. That’s comparable to about 2-to-3 city blocks.

When the prey is released, it’s almost silent. That means you won’t rile-up your new puppy.

Its trap door is foolproof that makes it all to easy to load and keeps the bird from getting injured before launch.

You want the canine to be able to get a sniff of the prey, right? The device has some wide holes therefore the mutt receives a good scent from the bird before it gets shot from your launcher.

The springs and nets aren’t some cheap dime-store knock-off. They’re created from quality materials to ensure that nothing can go wrong because of cheapie stuff.

It includes a transmitter that could handle up-to 16 pre-programmed units. That’ll keep your hunting buddy on its paws.

Fleshing-out the Details

You’ve gotten the large picture. Let’s fling you to the details.

Gazing at the transmitter you’ll notice 16 settings and a couple of buttons. The top button launches, the bottom the first is for that beeper if you happen to put your launcher somewhere but aren’t able to find it. And as we noted earlier, this handy transmitter can run 16 different launchers, if you need to go bat crap crazy while training the ol’ gun dog.

The trap door opens outward, locked by the latch. That’s the way you place the fowl inside launcher.

At the opposite end is when the receiver is nested.

For those who want to secure the DT Systems’ Natural Flush Small Bird Launcher System to something other than Mother Earth, you will find 4 a record of from the launcher frame. Keeps the machine available if you’re attaching it to a tree.

The bird sits over a cloth pad. It’s associated with arms which might be wing-like any time opened appear to be genuine.

The steel roller on the tip in the release arm will roll out-of-the-way letting the launch begin.

A separate arm keeps the cloth pad set up. As you engage the receiver, it peels away revealing the spring loaded wings. The transmitter button is hit; the arm retracts and pitches the bird to the wild blue.

As a safety feature, and that means you won’t shoot the out (as Ralphie’s mother would say), there exists a pin to hold it locked-and-loaded.

Look for that little white arm around the receiver. This adds another layer of security which starts or stops the production arm.

Save your pitching arm for your church or business baseball team that you just enjoy every summer. Maybe even carry the DT Systems’ Natural Flush Small Bird Launcher System to throw a 150-mph ball at the guy on home plate. Just leave the dog in your own home. The team has a catcher for that.