Teach a Dog to Play Dead and Roll Over

One of the most common tricks that dog owners want to teach their pets is how to rollover, and how to play dead. They are easy to teach, along with the entertainment value is high.

Before a puppy can learn advanced tricks like playing dead or rolling over, they must already be acquainted with common commands like “come”, “set down” and “stay”…especially the latter.

To start, you need to teach your pet to experience dead, since rolling over starts from your “play dead” position. To train a dog to play dead, you utilize what is known as “lure training”. Lure training occurs when you utilize an incentive as being a toy or possibly a treat to motivate your pet to buy some position. It depends on whether your specific animal likes to learn more, or eat more, concerning which reward you have.

Have your puppy lay down, and convey the treat or toy close to the dog’s face, but over the budget. Bring the lure (the toy or treat) up over your pet’s head and around so that the only way for your pet to check out the lure and grasp it can be to lay on its side. As soon as it gets on its side, with good eye-to-eye contact and a firm voice, issue the “stay” command. As your new puppy obeys and stays for the reason that position, issue the brand new command, “play dead”. When your new puppy does what you need, provide it with whatever standard praise word you employ, like “good boy” or, if you are using a clicker, the click reward. Make sure that you are tying the newest phrase “play dead” for the praise not until the dog has been doing what you look for.

Remember to get patient. Training doesn’t always happen in a few sessions. Dogs like to experience and establish the connection along with you.

Once your pet has learned the “play dead” trick, you’ll be able to make it make the transition to your “rollover”. Have the dog assume the play dead position, again, while using lure that work well best. Continue to bring the lure around your new puppy just over the budget to ensure that is needs to roll so that you can begin to see the lure. When your dog rolls over, issue the command “rollover” in the loud, firm voice, and immediately give your dog praise.

It will need much practice, and many attempts. However, remember that to your dog, this is all play. They are enjoying the practice sessions, so make certain you don’t become too frustrated or intense when they don’t get it right away. That frustration is going to be detected by your pet, and it’ll confuse them and hinder their ability to learn.